Bunny rehab from E-cuniculi part-2

CeCe continues to make slow progress, but progress nonetheless! She has gained weight and is now back over 5 lbs. She is eating pellets, protein pellet supplement, nice quantities of hay, romaine lettuce, dandelion greens and other things on the “allowable food list.”
Pete and I designed and sewed a sling for her to be in for a few hours during the day to help strengthen her back legs. We are on the third prototype and it still needs a few minor adjustments.
In the evening, Pete & I get on the floor with her and try to help her take steps. She has a tendency to lean to one side, so balance is a goal. Another major goal is for her to be able to move herself away from her urine to prevent any skin irritation/breakdown. She is also now able to do some self-grooming using both front paws.
I am adding a few pictures and a short video. The video shows her moving a bit while working to maintain her balance. She is a hard-working bunny and a fighter. Clearly, she wants to be here.
See you next time, Lorraine

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